Remote Year

When Uneventful is Unusual


By Remote Year standards, this weekend was boring. I didn’t take any side trips. I didn’t stay out on a dance floor past 2am. I didn’t dine in any Michelin-starred restaurants or volunteer for a charity hackathon. Ok, sure, I attended a most fabulous dinner+drag show on Friday night with 15 of my RY friends, and on Saturday morning I spent a couple hours at a ceramics lesson taught by a local handicraftsman. But other than that, it was quiet, and dare I say normal. I’ve cooked the past three meals I’ve eaten (blowing the breaker no less than 8 times because using two burners AND the oven while the heater is running overloads the weak circuits in my apartment), had coffee with a couple of friends, spent a low-key night at home with some YouTube binge-watching, went for a morning run to and up the Sorrenos Towers, and launched an e-newsletter to keep in touch with friends, family and clients. You should totally subscribe.

It was the first time in a long time that I spent a full day to just myself and I reveled in it. I hope to prioritize such EB-time more in the coming months.